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Four months

by Ashley on November 17, 2011

Hudson is four months old today. I realized that it was also exactly a year ago today–the Thursday before Thanksgiving–that we learned he was on his way. I can’t believe he is four months old, but I really can’t believe he has been in our lives for a year. This week has been a tough […]

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Three months

by Ashley on October 17, 2011

For some reason, for the past couple of weeks, when folks on the street ask how old Hudson is, I’ve been answering three months. So this time our little photo session has actually felt a long time coming! Perhaps it is because he seems to change so much with every week? Something that hasn’t changed: […]

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Two months

by Ashley on September 21, 2011

We were in California on the 17th, the actual two-month-mark, so this is Hudson a day shy. I find it so bittersweet to see him growing so much. When people point out what I already know–he’s not a newborn anymore, he’s a baby!–I find myself thinking: have I drunk in every little expression? Did I […]

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Month One

by Ashley on August 22, 2011

Hudson month one from Aron Bruhn on Vimeo. We decided that Hudson should sit on the couch with his elephant friend for his monthly photos. Thank you to those of you who added some suggestions last week! I swear I’ll narrow it down to just one at some point soon, but I just love all […]

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