Three months

by Ashley on October 17, 2011

For some reason, for the past couple of weeks, when folks on the street ask how old Hudson is, I’ve been answering three months. So this time our little photo session has actually felt a long time coming! Perhaps it is because he seems to change so much with every week? Something that hasn’t changed: […]

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Packing List

by Ashley on October 7, 2011

We’re packing up for a family road trip. We leave tomorrow morning for the Berkshires; we’ll be staying in Lenox. Hudson has been able to fall asleep on our last two car rides, so I’m crossing my fingers for some peaceful drives through displays of colorful leaves. I’ve been composing and editing a packing list […]

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Two months

by Ashley on September 21, 2011

We were in California on the 17th, the actual two-month-mark, so this is Hudson a day shy. I find it so bittersweet to see him growing so much. When people point out what I already know–he’s not a newborn anymore, he’s a baby!–I find myself thinking: have I drunk in every little expression? Did I […]

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Returning to the Highline

by Ashley on September 6, 2011

Thank you for all the well-wishes for my check-up last week. When the time came, I felt good heading to the office and everything was peachy-keen on my end; Hudson, on the other hand, wasn’t so intent on making the trip to the doctor easy. It was my fault for trying to accomplish too much, […]

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  When our baby announcements arrived the other day, I could hardly wait to tear into the box. It felt a little like Christmas! Of course I love anything with Hudson’s image, but I am so happy with how these turned out–they’re beautiful! We couldn’t wait to send them out. I even mailed one to […]

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Month One

by Ashley on August 22, 2011

Hudson month one from Aron Bruhn on Vimeo. We decided that Hudson should sit on the couch with his elephant friend for his monthly photos. Thank you to those of you who added some suggestions last week! I swear I’ll narrow it down to just one at some point soon, but I just love all […]

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Monthly baby photos

by Ashley on August 16, 2011

{Clara} {Lucien} {August}   Hudson is four weeks old already! If we go by the date, he’s one-month-old tomorrow–on the 17th. How did that happen? This little guy has been well-documented since conception (we have weekly pregnancy photos that I will get around to organizing at some point), and will no doubt continue to be […]

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Retro revival

by Ashley on July 27, 2011

One of my favorite toys when I was growing up was my Fisher-Price turn-table. I vividly recall playing “America” from West Side Story and singing along for my grandmother while playing with the speeds. (I was such a ham!) Hazier memories tend to include, at a younger age, Disney’s Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty–the story and […]

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Guest Post: Alli of 100 Messages

by Ashley on July 26, 2011

I’ve asked a few friends and fellow-bloggers to guest post while I am getting acquainted with Hudson–though I know I’ll enjoy sharing updates and photos from time to time. Alli is expecting her first child and we’ve been comparing notes at work and over dinners; I love her unique way of  capturing this time on […]

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Happy Father’s Day!

by Ashley on June 17, 2011

Our dads were always behind the camera, so it was harder to find pictures of them! But these are a couple of our favorites. As Aron would say: dads rock. I can’t wait to see Aron with our little boy–the mere idea of that image already makes me melt. He’s going to be amazing, and […]

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