Farewell, friends

by Ashley on November 28, 2011

Or, rather, see you soon! I’ve decided it’s time to say goodbye to Baby Mine and bring some of its family-focus over to Hither & Thither. Now that Hudson is here, exploring the city and beyond with us, it’s hard to know which personal stories belong where. And then, let’s be honest, there’s the matter […]

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Four months

by Ashley on November 17, 2011

Hudson is four months old today. I realized that it was also exactly a year ago today–the Thursday before Thanksgiving–that we learned he was on his way. I can’t believe he is four months old, but I really can’t believe he has been in our lives for a year. This week has been a tough […]

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Alison Gopnik

by Ashley on November 15, 2011

PJ posted this wonderful video of Alison Gopnik’s talk at TED, about how babies think and learn.  I find this sort of thing endlessly fascinating. I’ve recounted parts about empathy to a few people now, and the bit about our saying babies and children are “bad at paying attention” when in fact they are actually […]

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by Ashley on November 9, 2011

One of the things you read or hear about a lot when you’re pregnant is that, at some point after the baby is born, all of your hair is going to start falling out. I thought I was in the clear–no bald spots yet–but I do seem to be shedding more than usual. I’m pulling […]

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Many of you have asked about our registry, and the items we have found most valuable thus far. So with the giant caveat that we’re only a few months in on this whole “Oh my goodness, we have a son!” bit, here’s my list… Crib: Remember the closet that became the nursery? Only this crib […]

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“I am a father. Whoops.”

by Ashley on October 26, 2011

I almost woke Hudson up yesterday morning while laughing along with this completely irreverent take on new fatherhood: Asshole Baby. [found by Aron via Thrillist]

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A babysitter–eek!

by Ashley on October 24, 2011

  In an optimistic gesture, pre-Hudson, I bought tickets for us to see Andrew Bird play at the music hall in Tarrytown for Aron’s birthday. We figured that he would be anywhere from 8-14 weeks old, depending on when he arrived, and that we should do our best to get comfortable with using a babysitter […]

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Three months

by Ashley on October 17, 2011

For some reason, for the past couple of weeks, when folks on the street ask how old Hudson is, I’ve been answering three months. So this time our little photo session has actually felt a long time coming! Perhaps it is because he seems to change so much with every week? Something that hasn’t changed: […]

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Moveable work surface

by Ashley on September 30, 2011

In my imaginary extra room for crafts and (eventually) playtime, I would love to have one of these. Just put away your work mid-project and–literally–pick it up where you left off. Can someone please get Ikea to start production? In the meantime, one could work on breakfast trays and shelve them in a cupboard for […]

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City kid

by Ashley on September 26, 2011

Watching Hudson’s eyes widen at the sight of grafitti had Aron and I talking about some of the funny realities we’ve encountered so far, having a baby in Manhattan. Believe it or not, and cost aside, New York seems like an amazing place for children. There are new playgrounds popping up all over the city […]

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