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Farewell, friends

by Ashley on November 28, 2011

Or, rather, see you soon! I’ve decided it’s time to say goodbye to Baby Mine and bring some of its family-focus over to Hither & Thither. Now that Hudson is here, exploring the city and beyond with us, it’s hard to know which personal stories belong where. And then, let’s be honest, there’s the matter […]

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Welcome, sponsor: Kat Cameron Illustration

by Ashley on November 2, 2011

I’m excited to introduce you to one of Baby Mine’s sponsors, Kat Cameron, an illustrator from South Africa, based in Barcelona. Check out her shop, for limited edition prints–many of which would be great in a kids’ room. (I LOVE the French bulldog!) shop: web: blog:

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Not enough wallspace

by Ashley on October 21, 2011

There are so many amazing new wallpapers showing up lately. Recent favorites by Famille Summerbelle (top) and Emma Molony. I love how you don’t immediately see that Molony’s are scenes from Peter Pan; they could be for a grown-up who doesn’t want to wear a serious expression in the middle of July…  Both could be, […]

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Maptote for baby

by Ashley on October 3, 2011

I really love Maptote’s onesies, with city-specific designs. But now I’ve got my eye on their bandanas, too. Besides camouflaging my messy hair, they’d make a rockin’ little drool-catcher! [cute kiddo pic from Maebird via Hank and Lucy]  

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A Zeal of Zebras

by Ashley on September 27, 2011

And while we’re on the subject of animals and alphabets… A gorgeous new book from Woop Studios, A Zeal of Zebras, filled with collective nouns and beautiful illustrations.

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L is for Ladybug

by Ashley on September 27, 2011

Flash cards and a gorgeous floor puzzle–from the always incredible Charley Harper.  

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by Ashley on September 22, 2011

Did any of you get your silhouette cut by the artist on Disneyland’s Main Street when you were a child? What a treasure! Is the shop still there? Until we can go and see, on my wish list for Hudson:  a custom-made silhouette by Love & Victory.

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  When our baby announcements arrived the other day, I could hardly wait to tear into the box. It felt a little like Christmas! Of course I love anything with Hudson’s image, but I am so happy with how these turned out–they’re beautiful! We couldn’t wait to send them out. I even mailed one to […]

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Monthly baby photos

by Ashley on August 16, 2011

{Clara} {Lucien} {August}   Hudson is four weeks old already! If we go by the date, he’s one-month-old tomorrow–on the 17th. How did that happen? This little guy has been well-documented since conception (we have weekly pregnancy photos that I will get around to organizing at some point), and will no doubt continue to be […]

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Bedtime Bus Roll

by Ashley on July 8, 2011

What a sweet idea! A bedtime scroll modeled after vintage bus rolls by MySweetPrints. You can even send a note to the designer if your routine varies!

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