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Sensible snacking?

by Ashley on September 12, 2011

I’ve started a bad habit that’s going to take some work to kick: dessert for dinner. Or more accurately, dessert that spoils my appetite for dinner. I don’t actually get around to having a square breakfast or lunch (often snacking on sweets then, too) and come 3 or 4 in the afternoon, I reach for […]

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Style for a nursing mom

by Ashley on June 24, 2011

Alyson of Unruly Things asked me to guest post while she’s on maternity leave. (Have you seen her new little man, Wolf? Adorable!) I picked out a cute outfit that would meet my requirements for nursing-friendly wear–but which I’d happily wear anytime. Stop by and check it out! And while on the subject of good […]

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Pregnancy-approved beers

by Ashley on June 6, 2011

Over dinner last week, an expectant friend and I were lamenting that we would be setting aside the pleasure of sipping beer on hot days this summer. So for the sake of summer barbecues  and pregnant women, Aron and I did our best to judge some commonly found non-alcoholic beers. The contenders: Kaliber (Ireland, from […]

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A few months, we went to Giggle to get some help with our registry. We were being helped by a really nice guy who was spending a ton of time with us–having Aron try on carriers, taking us through all of their stroller options, and telling us about their apartment-sized cribs–and we were loving it! […]

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down home amy

by Ashley on May 17, 2011

I love the muted greys and yellows in these organic cloth goods–available in Down Home Amy’s etsy shop. Of course, I’m partial to greys and yellows… and elephants (in case you hadn’t noticed). Isn’t the fold-over snack pouch brilliant?

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Make mine a virgin

by Ashley on April 5, 2011

I’m having some girlfriends over tomorrow night for a ladies-only potluck and have been trying to come up with a cocktail that will start the night off right–but which will also still be interesting and unique sans alcohol. For example, I make a pretty tasty Dark & Stormy (Cruzan rum has made all the difference), […]

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We all scream for…

by Ashley on April 4, 2011

Ice cream! We are barely feeling spring here, but I am starting to get a taste for something cold and creamy. Ever since Sweet Paul’s special For Kids Issue came out, I’ve been thinking about trying out the recipe for Mint Chocolate Chip frozen yogurt. Making ice cream (or frozen yogurt) is super simple with the right […]

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Welcome to baby mine!

by Ashley on March 28, 2011

Aron and I started Hither and Thither, a travel and lifestyle blog about our lives in New York (and elsewhere) a few years ago. Now, as we anticipate our first baby,  I decided I wanted a separate space for baby and kiddo-related things: to share thoughts on pregnancy and parenting, indulge shopping and design interests, […]

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