Farewell, friends

by Ashley on November 28, 2011

Or, rather, see you soon! I’ve decided it’s time to say goodbye to Baby Mine and bring some of its family-focus over to Hither & Thither. Now that Hudson is here, exploring the city and beyond with us, it’s hard to know which personal stories belong where. And then, let’s be honest, there’s the matter […]

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by Ashley on November 9, 2011

One of the things you read or hear about a lot when you’re pregnant is that, at some point after the baby is born, all of your hair is going to start falling out. I thought I was in the clear–no bald spots yet–but I do seem to be shedding more than usual. I’m pulling […]

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Many of you have asked about our registry, and the items we have found most valuable thus far. So with the giant caveat that we’re only a few months in on this whole “Oh my goodness, we have a son!” bit, here’s my list… Crib: Remember the closet that became the nursery? Only this crib […]

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Care Package

by Ashley on October 4, 2011

Did you happen to see this post over on Odeedoh about Finland’s national gift to new moms? Can you imagine? Hudson received all kinds of wonderful things celebrating his arrival: a ton of cute clothes, blankets knitted with love, and some toys that he is just now starting to notice. But there were also a […]

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When you are born

by Ashley on September 15, 2011

The baby shower Erin’s sister threw is one of the most creative and beautiful I’ve seen. The book which grounds the theme–When I Was Born–is one I love to thumb through when I’m in the children’s section of the bookstore, so this immediately caught my eye. But the thoughtful details and collaborative efforts of the […]

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Postpartum check

by Ashley on August 30, 2011

Today I have my six-week postpartum check-up with my OB. I have been dreading it (please, no more pelvic exams), but it will be nice to see my doctor again and hear that it’s safe to go back in the water. (Come on, do we really have to wait six weeks to go swimming?) Here’s […]

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Coconut water

by Ashley on August 26, 2011

I wonder if the coconut water companies know what a market they have in expectant mothers. (Probably.) Just about every pregnant woman I know loves to drink coconut water–usually citing electrolytes for hydration (a nice alternative to brightly colored and sugary sports drinks) and high potassium for leg cramps. And chilled coconut water with a […]

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Le Pain Quotidien

by Ashley on August 1, 2011

I took this picture of Aron on the Saturday morning before I went into labor; I think le Pain Quotidien will, now, forever be linked with Hudson’s arrival. It seemed fitting to return there this past Saturday–on my actual due date (and for one of our first true outings together). How odd to think that […]

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Guest Post: Alli of 100 Messages

by Ashley on July 26, 2011

I’ve asked a few friends and fellow-bloggers to guest post while I am getting acquainted with Hudson–though I know I’ll enjoy sharing updates and photos from time to time. Alli is expecting her first child and we’ve been comparing notes at work and over dinners; I love her unique way of  capturing this time on […]

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Week 38

by Ashley on July 18, 2011

I wasn’t 100% sure I’d be sharing another photo this week: I had a high blood pressure reading and suddenly we thought we might be heading to Labor & Delivery a little earlier than planned! That’s not the case, but it did prompt my doctor to ask that this be my last week of work. […]

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